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YaYa F1 Carrot  ORGANIC
YaYa F1 Carrot ORGANIC
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  • Hybrid 60 days.
  • Sweet, crunchy, Nantes carrots grow 4” to 6”. 
  • Ya Ya Carrot holds well in the ground. 
  • When I saw the name Yaya, being half Greek, I thought Grandmother” but no, it means good in Holland where these carrots were bred. 
  • Bright orange roots, strong tops for easy picking and bunching.
 Planting DirectionsDirect sow in early spring to midsummer when soil temperature is between  45˚ to 85˚. Plant seeds 1/4” deep as sparingly as possible spacing rows 6-8” apart. Thin to at least 2” between plants. Prepare the soil in spring by working in a generous amount of well rotted compost. If compost is not available, plant in loose, rich soil that has been amended with a general garden fertilizer. Rake and smooth the soil  surface before planting. Carrots grow best when soil temperature are 60˚ to   70˚. Add a layer of mulch around the plants to help keep soil cool. For highest yields sow carrots in a bed and thin 2-3” apart.