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Winter Bloomsdale Spinach  ORGANIC
Winter Bloomsdale Spinach ORGANIC
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  • 45 days Open Pollinated. This variety is one of the very best to grow for a winter crop. 
  • The thick, dark green, deeply savoyed leaves of Winter Bloomsdale Spinach are productive and long standing so you will have plants extending well into the winter. 
  • Sow seeds in early to mid-August for best crop. Good flavor and extreme cold tolerance makes this a great choice for the winter garden. 
  • A planting in late winter will get off to a good start if you catch one of those warm spells that make of think spring has come. 
  • When the days do get long and  it will begin going to seed. Resistant to forms of blight, cucumber mosaic virus and blue mold.

Planting Directions:  Sow seed outdoors in early spring when soil temperatures have reached 45˚ to 75 ˚  Plant seed ½” deep thinning plants 4-6” apart. When preparing the soil add  a general purpose fertilizer or compost .Spinach grows best when soil temperature reaches about  60˚. Plant again in fall 60-70 days before first frost. Water light but regularly. Spinach bolts during hot weather or when there is more than 14 hours of light.