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Wild Garden Chicories  - Organic
Wild Garden Chicories - Organic
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  • Open Pollinated. 65 days. Heirloom.
  • A mix of about 8 heirloom Italian chicories, cross pollinated for 14 years and selected for those with smooth texture, glossy leaves, red speckles, rather than red leaves. Every desirable trait variation you can imagine, tender leaves, soft yellow or shell pink blanched hearts, with a variety of shapes.
  •  Very unusual and all the plants are good to eat. 
  • Chicories head up best when days grow shorter and cooler so we suggest planting some seeds in spring reserving a portion to plant in July when all plants will form a head.
  •  Frank Morton who has selected this fine introduction suggests allowing a few plants to go to seed for fall and winter feeding of birds. Says Frank, ”Nothing attracts finches like chicory seed”.

 Planting Directions Plant in early spring and again in early July for a fall harvest.  Soil temperature should be 55-75˚ for best germination with seed planted 1/4” deep. Thin plants when they are 1” high to 8” apart.  Protect from hot weather by using shade cloth. Greens harvested in colder weather tend to be sweeter.