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Salvia apiana. Tender Perennial. 3'.

White Sage is an aromatic, white felted foliage is burned as a ceremonial herb or incense. Requires full sun and well-drained soil. Growing from seed is difficult, see herb plants. Bee Plant. 

Planting Directions:  Sow seed in well drained seed starting mix with soil temperature of  70-80˚. Plant seed about ¼” deep and keep planting medium barely moist until germination occurs usually in  7-21 days. ( Seed has a natural germination inhibitor.  If you place seed in a very fine sieve or line a standard sieve with a nylon stocking you can gently rinse with slightly warm water for 2-3 minutes.  Let sit for 1 hour and repeat rinsing.  This will remove some of the material coating on seed and speed up germination.  DO NOT allow seed to sit in water. Transplant when plants produce the third set of leaves and soil temperature is at least 65˚. Place plants 15” apart.  Grow in full to near full sun.  If your soil is acid, work in ¼ cup of lime into the planting hole.