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Veronica  Broccoli
Veronica Broccoli
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  • Hybrid. 77 days.
  • A stellar Romanesco with a mellow, almost creamy taste and texture. Uniform heads are 6" to 7" diameter.
  • For summer and fall, crops although here in Western Oregon we find summer plantings for a fall crop produce larger heads that hold in the field for several weeks.
  • Delicious raw or cooked, requires no blanching.

Planting DirectionsSow seed indoors 4 to 6 weeks prior to your last frost date. Sow outdoors after last frost to early spring. Plant seed ¼ to ½” deep in seed starting medium with a soil temperature 50° - 86° ,77˚,optimum. Grows best with a soil temperature of 60˚ to 65˚. Harden off seedlings outdoors for at least a week prior to transplanting. Plant outdoors after last frost in soil amended with a rich compost or balanced garden fertilizer. Space plants 10-12” apart. Moderate watering on regular basis.