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Variegated Cat Grass
Variegated Cat Grass
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Hordeum vulgare 7-10 days, 24” if not nibbled. 

Variegated Cat Grass is a healthy treat for your favorite felines. This attractive barley grass is a mixture of solid green green & white and all white so it is ornamental as well. Why do cats eat grass? It helps them toss up hairballs and many have a natural taste for greens. Sow seeds on soil surface and start seeds in a cool area. Resow to keep ahead of kitties or have more than one planting to offer your cat.

 Planting DirectionsPlant in early Spring in well prepared soil in a sunny well drained location.  Work the surface to a fine condition.  Scatter seed thinly in the surface and cover lightly with fine soil.  When seedlings are 2” high, thin to 6” apart.  Keep the bed moist but not soaked, until plants are well established.