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Land Cress
Land Cress
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  • Barbara verna 35 days OP Heirloom. 
  • Land Cress is native to North America and much used as an early salad green in Western Europe. 
  • Has flavor similar to watercress with that zippy flavor and pleasant texture. 
  • Cut and harvest when young and make several small sowings every two weeks. It will keep growing as long as temperatures are moderate.
  •  Also known, as American Cress, Belle Isle Cress, Early yellow rocket, scurvy cress, creasy greens, and upland cress.  With all these names a becomes a bit confusing, however, it is delicious stuffed into sandwiches, salads or if plants are maturing faster than you can keep up  cut them backand saute in butter or oil and splash with a few drops of apple cider vinegar and serve. 
  • Cut plants back as you harvest for regrowth. Thin seedling to about 4” apart. Best in cool moist soil and partial shade.

Planting Directions:  Plant outdoors after last frost and again in September to mature before first hard frost. Plant in rows 8” to 10” apart. Plant seed ¼” deep. Cut 2” from the base to allow several harvests of cress. Successive plantings may be made as long as weather is cool.