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Tuscan Kale
Tuscan Kale
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  • Open pollinated. Brassica olearacea acephala 65 days. Heirloom. Non GMO seeds
  • An ancient variety that some folks call dinosaur kale.  In Tuscany it's known as Cavalo nero or Black Cabbage though it is a true kale.
  • Tuscan Kale grows to 2 feet tall. 
  • Narrow strappy leaves are an exceedingly dark green very textured, tender and delicious. 
  • Dramatic garden plant in the field, containers or on the plate.
  • Planted in late winter for a spring crop or late summer for fall and winter use.
  • In spring it produces succulent  broccoli like sprouts, don't miss these treats.
  • Cold Hardy  plants breeze through temperatures in the 20's.                                         Tuscan Kale, Cavolonero, originates from the fields of Tuscany where records indicate it was first grown in 600 BC. Appreciated for its distinctive rich and slightly sweet flavor.      

Planting Directions:  Plant in spring when soil temperature  is between 45 to 85˚, optimum 72 ˚. Plant in fertile soil enriched with compost or garden fertilizer 2-3 weeks prior to planting. Sow seed 1/2” deep.  Thin seedlings to stand 12-18” apart. Water heavy during growing season and do not water after first frost in fall. Sow in September for a fall and winter crop. Light frost improves flavor and sweetness.