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Turga Parsnip Organic SOLD OUT
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  • Open pollinated. 110 days.
  • Vigorous, Turga Parsnip is  excellent for heavy soils with wide necks and shorter roots than most varieties. Root can grow to 10".
  • Heavy, dense sweet roots can remain in soil until midwinter.
  • Slow to become pithy.
Planting Directions:  Sow seeds ½” deep in a rich sandy loam or soil that drains well, after the last frost.  When 4” to 6” tall, thin plant 3 to 4” apart.  Seeds germinate in 12-14 days with soil temperature of 50˚ to 70°. Apply mulch after seedlings reach 6” tall to help control weeds, cool the soil and retain moisture.  Water deeply when dry. Harvest nutrient rich leaves to eat raw in salads, or steam with greens. Parsnips are ready to harvest in fall but will have better flavor if harvested after some hard frosts.