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Tom Thumb Black Velvet Nasturtium
Tom Thumb Black Velvet Nasturtium
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Tropaeolum minus. Annual. 12".

Think darkest chocolate when deciding where to plant gorgeous Tom Thumb Black Velvet Nasturtium . The darkest nasturtium we have grown. Compact plants. Edible flowers and foliage, not chocolate flavored.  All parts of nasturtiums are edible but the flowers have the best flavor;  a peppery taste that combines well with other greens in a salad as well as  providing a color accent. 

Planting DirectionsSow seeds 1/2” deep in fine soil after danger from frost has past. Germination takes 7-12 days. Thin plants to 8” apart when plants are 3” tall. Nasturtiums prefer light full sun, with afternoon shade where summers are hot.

Provide a trellis or other support for climbing species. Nasturtiums will flower best in ordinary rather than rich soil.  Nasturtiums do not transplant easily.