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Tall Italian/Gigante of Italy Parsley
Tall Italian/Gigante of Italy Parsley
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  •  Open Pollinated.  75 + days. Heirloom.
  •  2'-3' tall. This Italian favorite is now recently reselected and has the height, intense flavor and green color we all treasure in Italian Giant Parsley.
  • Begin picking  some of the outer leaves of Tall Italian Parsley  early in the season.
  • Market growers will like the long stems for easy harvest.
  • Home gardeners will enjoy the volume of parsley yielded by only a half dozen plants.
Planting Directions:  Sow seed indoors ¼” deep 8 weeks before planting into garden. Soil temperature for germination is 50˚ to 80˚.  Or sow directly in the garden in well prepared soil in early spring before the last frost. Incorporate rich compost or apply general garden fertilizer prior to planting or transplanting. Plant seed 1/4” deep, when seedlings are 3 to 4” tall, thin plants to 8” apart.  Parsley is slow to germinate, 21 or more days and grows best when soil temperature is cooler, 60˚ to 70˚.  Thin to 3” apart when the plants are 2” high. Water light and frequently.