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Nichols Summer Mesclun Mix
Nichols Summer Mesclun Mix
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  • Just because the weather is hot doesn't mean we lose enthusiasim for a bowl of a crunchy, colorful salad. This premium blend of heat resistant greens can be sown late May through Summer. They won’t suffer in semi-shade. 
  • Sow sparingly, keep soil moist and use the time honored cut and cut again method of harvesting. Sow every two to three weeks for a continuous supply. 
  • Don’t hesitate to add a few leaves from the herb garden, basil, tarragon, even a touch of tender mint all add to the savory delight. Calendula petals, borage blossoms or a nasturtium will give you a salad that truly includes all the bounty of summer.
  •  This blend contains : Mizuna, Red Sails Lettuce, Parris Island Lettuce, Cimarron Lettuce, Bulls Blood Beet (greens),and Wild Arugula.

Cut and Cut Again Harvest Method:  Our most successful growing  method is to plant short rows, thin as they mature and then harvest tender young leaves from the crown of each plant. The large outer leaves are left intact and act as feeder leaves for the plant.  New growth will appear from the center of the plant. For new crown growth, never pick the most central growing tip. Feed and compost regularly. Replant as the patch ages, every 30 to 60 days.