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Styrian Pumpkin
Styrian Pumpkin
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  • Cucurbita pepo var.styriaca 110 days 
  • Hulless, generous sized seeds are delicious and a healthy snack. In fact, many health and medical claims are made for the seeds and oil of Styrian Pumpkin.
  • In the provence of Styria in Southern Austria, it is an important side income for many families. 
  • After harvesting the pumpkins you should remove the seeds as soon as practical, rinse and dry and then lightly toast at 140° F. This may take a few hours but the nutrients in this pumpkin should not be exposed to high heat as in baking. Keep an eye on the seeds, turn them with a spatula and minimum toasting enhances the flavor. 
  • The pumpkin shell is best used for compost or animal fodder as it's not the best for table food.