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Stevia Seed
Stevia Seed
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Stevia rebuadiana. Tender Perennial. 16".

Stevia, Sweet Herb of Paraguay. Leaves contain steviaside, one of the sweetest substances known. Pleasant sweet taste, include fresh or dried leaves in tea blends or wherever desired. Perennial. Zones 9-10. 

Planting Directions:  Sow seed indoors in a light seed starting mix.  Place seed on the surface and barely cover.  Maintain soil temperature of 75-85˚ and consistently even moisture.  Transplant into pots when large enough to handle.  Harden off by gradual exposure outdoors when temperatures are at least 65˚.  As plants mature, buds may set,  prune off immediately.  Do not allow plant to blossom.  Stevia is a tender perennial and can not withstand cold temperatures or frost.  Over-winter indoors in colder climates.