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Russian Mammoth Sunflower
Russian Mammoth Sunflower
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Helianthus annuus Open Pollinated. 80 days. 10' tall Heirloom

The flowers of Russian Mammoth Sunflower turn to greet the sun every morning and turn west to say good afternoon. A stunning structural plant sets off any garden and a favorite starter plant for children. Seeds are highly nutritious. Attractive to bees. Excellent winter bird food.

Planting DirectionsSow seed indoors in sterile seed starting medium with a soil temperature of 70˚ to 85˚. Plant seed ¼” deep. Direct sow in the garden after your last frost when the soil has warmed considerably.  Soil should worked thoroughly and well fertilized with either rich compost or a good general garden fertilizer. Space plants to stand 24-30” apart. Harvest for cutflowers when rays begin to open.   For seed heads cut with stalks attached and hang to dry.  Remove seed when thoroughly dry.  Excellent for birds.