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Ruta graveolens. Perennial. 3'.

Rue is an attractive grey foliaged plant. Yellow flowers are tiny,single petaled. A good repellent for fleas, flies and stinging insects. Used as a companion crop to repel insects. A rash may occur after contact with Rue foliage and subsequent exposure to sunlight. We advise gloves and or careful washing when handling Rue. 

Planting Directions:  Start seed indoors in sterile seed starting mix 8 to 10  weeks before last frost. Plant seed 1/8” deep with a soil temperature of 70˚ to 80˚. Transplant well after last frost in full sun. Soil should  be well drained but does not have to be particularly rich. Add compost to planting site prior to transplanting. Water regularly especially during dry spells. Seed may be planted in soil where plants are to grow in late spring when soil temperatures have warmed.  When plants are 4” to 6” tall prune back to encourage branching creating a fuller looking mature plant. Wear long sleeves and gloves when pruning Rue.