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Round Black Spanish Radish
Round Black Spanish Radish
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  • Open Pollinated. 53 days+. Heirloom.
  • Large turnip shaped 3-4” diameter roots Round Black Spanish Radish  has deep black skin solid and crisp pungent pure white flesh.
  • Sow July or early August, overwinter Round Black Spanish Radish  in cool damp sand or sawdust.
  • A German seedsman has shared their local folk remedy for coughs and scratchy throats using these radishes. A broad cone is cut from the top of the radish and the hollow is filled with sugar. In a few hours, a soothing and pleasant syrup forms which is taken by the spoonful. Doctor’s should always be consulted for persistent or deep coughs but this natural palliative seems a safe alternative to patent medicines for young children.

Planting Directions:  Plant in spring as early as ground can be worked and soil temperature is 45˚ to 90˚, 85˚optimum. Sow seed ½” deep thinning plants to 1-2” apart. Plant in soil that has been enriched with organic matter or general garden fertilizer and keep soil evenly moist during entire growing season. In cool regions plant in late summer for fall and winter crops. In hot climates plant only  in winter. For best quality radishes need to grow fast and need to be harvested fast.