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  • Open pollinated Heirloom 85 days
  • An attractive, red-green colored chicory. 
  • Seed is sown July to September for a fall or winter crop. 
  • If foliage is cut back in spring, plants will produce clusters of small apple size heads which can be chopped up into salads. 
  • The same thing can be obtained by pulling the plants in fall, trimming away the heads and placing roots horizontally in a box of damp sand in a dark, warm cellar. In two or three weeks of such forcing they will produce leaves for salads.
Planting Directions Plant in early spring and again in early July for a fall harvest.  Soil temperature should be 55-75˚ for best germination with seed planted 1/4” deep. Thin plants when they are 1” high to 8” apart.  Protect from hot weather by using shade cloth. Greens harvested in colder weather tend to be sweeter.