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Redwing Onion (F1)
Redwing Onion (F1)
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  • Hybrid 100 to 110 days,
  • Long day type. Firm, deep maroon, round bulbs run from 2.75 to 3.5” . Excellent for fresh use.
  • RedWing Onion stores exceptionally well, with sturdy skins that stay intact, and color intensifies with time.
  • Robust flavor.
Planting Directions:  Direct sow in spring as early as the ground can be worked and soil temperature  is between 50˚ and 95˚. Plant seed ½” deep. Sow indoors 8 weeks before last frost in spring. Keep soil temperature 50˚ to 95° and consistently moist for optimum germination. Plant in loose, well drained soil that has been enriched with compost or a general purpose garden fertilizer. Plant seed in a trench and as the onions grow fill in the trench with soil as this is a very tall bunching type onion. When the plants are 2” high, thin 2” to 3” apart. The greens you thin can be used in cooking or salads. Water moderately on a regular schedule. Plant in late summer for an early crop the next spring or summer.