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Red Ursa Kale
Red Ursa Kale
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  • Brassica napus Open Pollinated 55-65 days
  • Red Ursa Kale grows to 24-30"  a stable cross of Frilly Siberian Kale with the color of Red Russian Kale. 
  • Harvest the leaves and stems for salads, soups, saute's,  and all the ways you use a hardy leafy kale. Use for dipping, stir frys and when in doubt olive oil and garlic. 
  • Sow in mid-summer for harvest fall/winter into early spring for budded shoots.  Come spring the plant sends up numerous shoots of sweet tender purple florets that lets your culinary imagination play. 

Planting Directions:  Plant in spring when soil temperature  is between 45 to 85˚, optimum 72 ˚. Plant in fertile soil enriched with compost or garden fertilizer 2-3 weeks prior to planting. Sow seed 1/2” deep.  Thin seedlings to stand 12-18” apart. Water heavy during growing season and do not water after first frost in fall. Sow in September for a fall and winter crop. Light frost improves flavor and sweetness.