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Red Noodle Yard Long Asparagus Bean OUT OF STOCK
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  • Vigna sesquipedalis. Open Pollinated. 75 days. Pole Type. 
  • 4'-5'.Exceptional red version, produces stunning 20"-30" pods. 
  • A knock-your-sock-off vine, which needs a trelllis or support.  Container gardeners, grow this in a wine barrel.  
  • Vigorous heat-loving plant.  
  • For optimum quality, harvest pods when the beans bulge slightly in the pod.  
  • Long picking period. 

Planting Directions:  Direct sow in spring after frost danger has passed and soil temperature is a minimum of 60˚, 70˚ is optimum. Plant 1”to 2” deep, 4-6” apart.  Cultivate soil incorporating compost or a low nitrogen general purpose fertilizer.  Keep soil moist until seed germinates, after that water regularly until harvest at which time water deep just after you pick. We recommend using a legume inoculant when planting.