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Red Giant Mustard
Red Giant Mustard
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  • Brassica juncea var. rugosa.  Open pollinated. 45 days.
  • Colored a deep purple-red, the white ribbed, savoyed leaves are thick and tender with a pleasantly mild mustard flavor.
  • Sow Red Giant Mustard in Spring for spring and early summer use. 
  • Sow late summer for fall and winter use. 
  • Harvest when young and tender. 
  • The plant is winter hardy and slow to bolt.

Planting Directions Plant in spring as early as the ground can be well worked. Enrich with general purpose fertilizer or rich compost. Soil temperature for germination is 50-86˚. Soil temperature for growing is 60˚-70˚. Seed should be planted 1/4” deep in rows 12” apart. When the plants are 1” high begin thinning and continue throughout the growing season until plants are 6” apart.  Sow from early spring at 3 week intervals until summer for early crops. Fall crops sow from late summer to early fall.