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Red Flax
Red Flax
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Linum grandiflorum rubrum Annual. 12"

Red Flax's chimmery scarlet flowers adorn slender stems. Direct sow seed in early spring. Grown in a sunny spot with other annuals like Nigella or use to oversow a bulb bed. Red flax is a good addition to wildflower or meadow gardens. Grow in clumps for dramatic effect in borders or beds. Blooms last only a few hours but are immediatly followed by more blooms .  Blooms June to end of summer.

Planting DirectionsDirect sow in early spring in a sunny, well drained spot.  Lightly cover seed with soil.  Germination takes 20-25 days with soil temperatures of 65-70°Make successive planting every 2-3 weeks for continuous blooming.  Thin to 6-10” apart.  Cut back ½ of the flowering stalks early in the growing season to extend the blooming period. Red Flax will self seed.