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Purple Top Yellow Rutabaga
Purple Top Yellow Rutabaga
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  • Open Pollinated. 90 days. Heirloom.
  • A sweet, fine grained yellow-fleshed variety which cooks to a bright orange color.
  • Rutabagas add welcome diversity to winter meals.
  • Good winter keepers.

Planting DirectionsFor a first crop, plant as early in Spring as ground can be prepared.  For Fall and Winter crops plant in early August. Rutabaga prefers fertile soil that holds moisture, but drains well.  Prepare soil to a depth of 6”. Do not add nitrogen-rich compost or rich compost before planting or “hairy” roots will develop.  Sow seed  1/4” deep and cover with fine soil. Germination takes 2-5 days with soil temperature between 60˚ and 85˚. Begin thinning when plants are 3-6” tall until plants are 4-6 “ apart.  Keep planting weed free. Water moderately on a regular basis.