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Purple Podded Pole Bean
Purple Podded Pole Bean
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  • 60 days. Open pollinated. French Heirloom
  • Tender, tasty, 6 - 8" long bluish-purple pods grow on productive vines.
  •  Buff colored seed, lilac flowers, tall vines form an attractive summer screen. Regular picking maintains production. 
  • Cultivated since 1775.
Planting Directions:  Direct sow in spring after frost danger has passed and soil temperature is a minimum of 60˚, 70˚ is optimum. Plant 1”to 2” deep, 4-6” apart.  Cultivate soil incorporating compost or a low nitrogen general purpose fertilizer.  Keep soil moist until seed germinates, after that water moderately and regularly until harvest.  Provide trellis for pole beans; bush beans do not need a trellis. After each picking water deep to prolong production. We recommend using a legume inoculant when planting.