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Porto Cardoon
Porto Cardoon
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  • Cynara cardunculus Open Pollinated. 120 days. 
  • Tender perennial; treat as annual in cold climates. 
  • Widely grown in Europe for the delicious thick stalks. 
  • Sow Porto Cardoon in April; blanch like celery in September. Good in stews, soups and salads. Show-stopping in the garden reaching 6' with impressive silvery foliage; huge, thistle-like, purple blooms.   

  Planting DirectionsSow seeds as early in spring as ground can be worked and soil temperature is 50˚.  Sow seed 1/8” deep in well prepared soil that has been amended with rich compost or a general garden fertilizer. Germination takes 14-30 days.  Thin seedlings so that mature plants stand 3’ apart.  Plant in full sun with some protection from afternoon sun in very hot locations.  Water regularly and deeply.