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Piracicaba Broccoli
Piracicaba Broccoli
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  • Open pollinated.  56 days.
  • 30” Moderately tall plants produce a multi-stemmed broccoli with a small central head.
  • Piracicaba Broccoli has an extended harvest of abundant sweet, tender, side  shoots. Excellent for fall planting, frost tolerant, also stands up well to summer heat from spring plantings.
  • Selected in Brazil for heat tolerance, pronounced "peer-a-Cee’ca-bah".
  • Sow seeds 4” apart and thin, set transplants 6” apart. As plants grow thin to 12” apart.
  • Expect several weeks of harvest. As tender as broccoli and sweeter than raab.
Planting Directions:  Sow seed indoors in spring 4 to 6 weeks before last frost with a minimum soil temperature of 50° -86° 77˚ optimum Sow seeds ¼” deep with 3-4 per unit/inch thinning to one seedling. When seeds germinate move to a cooler, well lit area to produce sturdy transplants. Harden off seedlings 7 days prior to transplanting outdoors.  Plant outdoors in  well prepared soil, enriched with  a complete garden fertilizer or rich compost, broccoli is considered a heavy feeder. Transplant outdoors when soil temperature is 60-65˚. Water moderately and regularly. For fall crops  plant seeds 1/4” deep and 2”- 4” apart outdoors in late summer.  Thin seedlings to 8-10” apart when 6” tall.