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Porophyllum ruderale. Annual. 4
A cilantro tasting herb, native to Mexico, Central and South America.
Upon visiting a Bronx community garden we learned the Puerto Rican families harvested this plant at 10" to 12" for nicer flavor and more tender leaves than 4' plants. Cafes in Mexico often place small branches in a vase on the table. Diners can freely add to their beans and filled tortillas. This herb is usually uncooked or added to a dish just before serving.   Does not bolt in summer like Cilantro so we also call it Summer Cilantro.Papalo, unlike Cilantro and Culantro, is the only one of these three cilantro flavored herbs actually native to Central America. All grow in different conditions and have been adopted into this rich cuisine.

 Planting DirectionsNeeds a soil temperature of at least 60˚ for good germination. May be started indoors in sterile seed starting mix six weeks before last frost date and then transplanted when weather warms. A patch of small plants is easily grown by broadcasting seed. Harvest when they are about 8” tall. Leaves of small plants are tender and mild in flavor.Plants can grow to 6’ and need a sunny location with well drained soil. If growing to full size, plant in back of border and allow 2’ between plants. It is easily grown by broadcasting seed. Begin harvesting when plants are 8” tall. Flavor is best fresh.