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Oregon Giant Sugar Pod Pea
Oregon Giant Sugar Pod Pea
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  • Open pollinated. 70 days.
  • Bush vines grow to 30".
  • Large wide pods (5 1/2" X 1") are sweet and succulent.
  • Oregon Giant Sugar Pod Pea are semi-wrinkled seed lacks the bitterness associated with some edible podded varieties so you can safely pick these a little plumper and more mature.
  • Resistant to pea enation mosaic virus, powdery mildew, and fusarium (race 1).
  • Recommended for the full season. Last sowing in Western Oregon is August 1.
  • Developed by Dr. James Baggett at Oregon State University
Planting Directions:  Sow seeds directly outdoors in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Germinates at 40˚ - 75° .Plant seeds 1” deep, 3” apart, in rows spaced 2 1/2’.  .  Plant directly outdoors again in summer 2-3 months before last frost. Plant in full sun. For best quality harvest peas just before using.