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Osaka Purple Mustard
Osaka Purple Mustard
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  • Brassica juncea.  Open pollinated. 45 days.
  • Large, smooth, deep purple leaves are oval with beautifully contrasting white veins.
  • These gorgeous leaves wrap well blanched hearts. 
  • An easy to grow, cold hardy old-timer.

 Planting Directions:  Plant in spring as early as the ground can be well worked. Enrich with general purpose fertilizer or rich compost. Soil temperature for germination is 50-86˚. Soil temperature for growing is 60˚-70˚. Seed should be planted 1/4” deep in rows 12” apart. When the plants are 1” high begin thinning and continue throughout the growing season until plants are 6” apart.  Sow from early spring at 3 week intervals until summer for early crops. Fall crops sow from late summer to early fall.