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Ghost Pipes - Nicotiana sylvestris. Annual. 5'.

A favorite flower of ours, its fragrance is sweet and heady on a summer evening; handles semi shade. The tall plants make a statement at dusk with the lovely flowers and fragrance. It’s easy to collect seed starting in spring. Here in Western Oregon it will sometimes winter over. 

 Planting DirectionsSow indoors 6 to 8 weeks before your last frost or transplanting.  Plant seed on soil surface and  do not cover as Nicotiana needs light to germinate. Maintain a soil temperature of 70˚ to 75˚ until germination, then grow on at 60 degrees until ready for transplanting.  Direct sow in the garden after the last frost. Transplant or thin 24-30” apart. Plant in moderately fertile soil, full sun or light shade. Water regularly especially during hot dry summers and deadhead often.