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Nichols Winter Lettuce Mix
Nichols Winter Lettuce Mix
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  • Our unique mixture of five beautiful but rugged lettuce varieties are all tried and true for winter hardiness, color, and flavor. For winter salads all year around we crave the sweet tenderness of freshly picked leafy lettuce. 
  • This blend contains deep red Merlot, Lime green Kweik butter head, Fine Cut Oak Lettuce, Winter Density Romain and Rouge d’Hiver a red tiinged tender romain type.
  • To grow lettuce in the colder season here are a few tips.
  •  Don’t try to grow the heads to full size, instead harvest leaves but don’t disturb the growing tip. 
  • When you want to harvest a full head leave a 1” to 2” stump, there’s a good possibility a new head will grow. 
  • Growing under a row cover or cold frame offers protection from severe cold. 
  • Be aware of slugs. Baby slugs are voracious and begin emerging in early winter sometimes sooner.