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Nichols Radish Mix
Nichols Radish Mix
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Open Pollinated. 25-30 days.

Nichols RadishMix is a collection of Radishes that contains equal amounts of delicious early varieties.

Because radishes are susceptible to root maggots and we garden organically our radishes, we exclude the egg laying cabbage fly from our planting with light weight Garden Row Cover.

Planting Directions:  Plant in spring as early as ground can be worked and soil temperature is 45˚ to 90˚, 85˚optimum. Sow seed ½” deep thinning plants to 1-2” apart. Plant in soil that has been enriched with organic matter or general garden fertilizer and keep soil evenly moist during entire growing season. In cool regions plant in late summer for fall and winter crops. In hot climates plant only  in winter. For best quality radishes need to grow fast and need to be harvested fast.