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Nadia Eggplant (F1)
Nadia Eggplant (F1)
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  • Hybrid. 67 days from transplant.
  • Beautiful 6-8" long Italian type, Nadia Eggplant has glossy dark purple 1 lbs. eggplants.
  • Sets well in cooler temperatures, produces into fall.
  • Fruits are firm, slow to develop seeds with an excellent flavor.
  • Said to have some resistance to verticilium.
  • Great for grilling and stuffing.

Planting Directions:  Sow seed indoors 4 to 6 weeks before last frost with a soil temperature 75° to 95˚. Plant seed ¼” deep in sterile seed starting mix. Once seed germinates reduce temperature to 70˚. Harden off seedlings for at least one week prior to transplanting by reducing air temperature to 60˚ and reducing watering. Set plants out when soil temperature is consistently at least 80˚, spacing plants 18-24” apart. Plant in soil rich in compost or soil that has been amended with a general garden fertilizer.  We recommend Garden Row Cover be used to maintain consistent warm growing environment and to keep insects away from the plants.