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Miner's Lettuce - Winter Purslane
Miner's Lettuce - Winter Purslane
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  • Claytonia perfoliata. Open Pollinated. 40 days. Heirloom.
  • Miner's lettuce or Cuban spinach.Used as a fresh green in western US long before the California miners adopted it as a scurvy preventative.
  • Grow as a cut-and-cut-again crop for repeat harvests as it readily resprouts. 
  • Small leaves are juicy and mild. Leaves, stems and flowers are all used in salads. 
  • Sow in late summer for winter and spring salads or in spring for summer use.
  • Quite hardy but best winter crop is grown in poly-tunnels.  

Planting Directions:  Sow seed outdoors in spring as early as the ground can be worked.  Sow in September  for winter crop.  The soil should be thoroughly worked and the seed lightly broadcast or cover seed with ¼” of fine soil pressed down firmly. Germination takes 10-30 days depending on soil and weather conditions.  Thin to 6” apart when the plants are 2” high.