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Reseda odorata. Annual. 18".

Mignonette has small yellow, intensely fragrant flowers. At the turn of the century Parisians were tucking this into their window boxes because it provided the scent of sweet violets in the heat of summer. Jefferson plants Mignonette at his garden in Monticello in 1811.  Needs rich soil and partial shade. Excellent bee plant and catepillars of butterflies feed on Mignonette.

Planting Directions:  Direct seed in early spring in cool, moderately rich soil, in full sun or partial shade. Plant in moist, fine soil and gently press seeds down.  Do not cover seed as Mignonette needs light to germinate. Germination takes 5-21 days. Thin seedlings to 6” apart.  Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting maintaining a temperature in the seed starting medium of 70˚.  Mignonette resents transplanting. Do not disturb the roots when planting in the garden.