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Nigella damascena. Annual. 18".

Persian Jewels. Flowers are nested in feathery foliage. Lacy and beautifully effective. Mixed colors of blues, pinks and white. Love in a Mist self sows readily which is useful when creating a meadow of flowers. If in a situation where you want to limit the  number of plants the following year, dead head plants before the seed pods dry completely and burst sheding seeds for the coming year.

Planting DirectionsSow indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost in sterile seed starting mix. Just barely cover the seed and keep the soil at 55° to 75°. Plant seed outdoors in early spring when soil is still cool and a light frost is still possible. Transplant or thin plants to stand 12” apart. Plant in full sun in normal, well drained soil. Nigella is easy to grow, deadhead often and water plants when soil is dry. To use an everlasting, cut as long of stems as possible and tie into small bundles. Hang in a warm, well vented room away from direct light until dry. Dries rapidly. Excellent in bouquets.