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Lettuce Alone Salad Blend
Lettuce Alone Salad Blend
Sale price: $2.45


  • Open Pollinated.
  • Nichols Lettuce Alone Salad Blend is a special mixture of loose leaf lettuces offers a selection of color and textures that will keep you in salads for months. 
  • These varieties are selected to grow well together and are easily harvested as a cut and come again crop for repeat harvests. 
  • Allow seedlings to grow 4" to 5" and harvest with scissors or a sharp knife 1" above the soil. 
  • Includes: Black Seeded Simpson ,  OakLeaf, Red Sails, Tango, Ruby and Red Salad Bown.    Sold as a single blended packet.

 Planting Directions:  Sow seeds in well-prepared seed bed in a sunny location.  Sow seeds lightly about 1/2” or so apart. Sprinkle seeds on soil and then smooth seeds into place.  Sprinkle with water until evenly moist.  Keep seedbed lightly moist throughout the growing period.  Seed will sprout in 7-10 days.

Harvesting: Allow seedlings to grow to 4-5” and harvest with scissors or a sharp knife 1” above the soil. Keep soil moist and lightly fertilized for best quality.