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Lemon Cucumber
Lemon Cucumber
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  • Open pollinated. 60 days. Heirloom. Fruits are  lemon-shaped, with a mild sweet flavor. 
  • Nice to eat out of the hand like an apple.
  • A favorite here at Nichols. We pick them when the blossom end shows yellow.
  • Do not allow the fruits to turn fully yellow as seeds become large and production slows.
  • One of the most beloved garden cucumbers. Fine crisp texture, never bitter.
  • Lemon cucumber differs from Crystal apple in that it never becomes bitter even when stressed.
Don't wait for lemon cucumbers to turn yellow unless you are saving seed at the end of the season. Lemon cucumbers are productive strong plants. Plant cucumbers in mounded, loose, fertile soil. When the plants set fruit begin lightly fertilizing every two weeks and maintain adequate moisture.
Planting Directions:  Sow seed in spring after all danger of frost is past and the soil temperature is between 60˚ to 95˚. Plant seed 1/2” to 1” deep in hills of  4-6 seeds spaced 2-3’ apart. Prepare the soil in early spring incorporating rich compost or a general garden fertilizer as soil requires. Sow transplants indoors 4 weeks before setting out in the garden. Cucumber is a warm weather vegetable, maintain soil temperatures of  70˚ to 80˚. Regular, generous watering after the blossoms appear boosts yields and produces uniform, non-bitter fruits. Trellis vine types for straighter cucumbers and better production.