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Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm
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Melissa officinalis. Perennial. 2'.

Lemon Balm is a hardy perennial with short, but dense roots, square stem and heart shaped yellowish green leaves. Lemon Balm, so named because when crushed the leaves smell like lemons, has a history of use as a healing herb and as part of drink to ensure longevity.  Leaves used for teas, sauces, salad and flavoring summer drinks. It does self sow readily, either cut back before seeds form or allow it to naturalize in an area of the garden. Heavy yielder of nectar for bees.

Planting Directions: Sow seeds as early in Spring as ground can be worked.  Sow seed ½” deep and 1” apart  and rows spaced 3’ apart.  Germination takes at least 14 days, maintaining a 70 degrees temperature. Thin seedlings to 18” apart in the rows.    Remarks:  Does best in medium dry, poor light sandy soil.  Plants like partial shade.