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Lamb's Quarters Magentaspreen Organic
Lamb's Quarters Magentaspreen Organic
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  • Chenopodium gigantium. Open pollinated. 40 days.
  • A tall, large leafed relative of lamb’s quarters, sometimes called tree spinach. 
  • Tender, iridescent magenta leaves and stem tips are striking in salads or serve lightly braised. 
  • Use as cut-and cut again greens when 6-8”. 
  • Mature plants can reach 6’ and are inclined to self-sow.

Planting DirectionsPlant in spring as early as the ground can be worked in rich well-prepared soil in rows about 12” apart.  Cover with 1/8th” fine soil pressed down lightly.  Thin when plants are 2” high thin so they are 18-24” apart.  Keep soil evenly moist until germination occurs in 10-15 days.  Keep cropping the plants to about 5’tall.  Keep harvesting consistently for tender greens.