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  • Brassica rapa var. periviridis
  • Heirloom. Open pollinated. 35-55 days.
  • Large oval green leaves are outstanding for stir-frys and salads. 
  • Mild flavor with just a hint of mustard.Cold hardy. 
  • Suitable for cut and cut again harvesting or pick off individual leaves. Leaves, stems, and buds are all edible.

Planting Directions:  Sow directly into soil when soil temperature is between 45˚-75˚.  Sow seed ¼” deep. Soil should be loose, well drained and of moderate to good fertility. When plants are well established, thin to 1-2” apart and continue thinning until plants are about 6” apart. Water moderately on a regular schedule.  Plant in full sun.  The plants you thin out are excellent salad greens. Sow continuously while the weather is cool in spring and resume again in fall as the summer temperatures fall.