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Huauzontle - Red Aztec Spinach Organic
Huauzontle - Red Aztec Spinach Organic
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  • Chenopodium nuttalliae
  • Open pollinated. 80 days. Heirloom.
  • Bright red leaves on four foot plants, with flower heads similar to lamb’s quarters. 
  • Huauzontle is an Aztec plant with a flavor like broccoli, the tender tips and leaves are used for salads, cooked in butter with onion and garlic like spinach. Fine Mexico City restaurants use young tender seed heads dipped in batter and sauteed.
  • This was apparently an important crop for the Aztecs and the people who lived in Mexico before them. 
  • Our colorful selection is very desirable as an ornamental edible. Organic from Frank Morton.

Planting Directions:  Plant in spring after danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures have reached 45˚ to 75°, can be planted successively every one to two weeks until weather warms. Start seed indoors 4 weeks prior to last frost and transplant when soil temperature has warmed to 50 to 70˚. Sow seed ½” deep, thin plants to stand 6-8” apart.  Plant in well prepared soil that has some organic matter. Amend soil with rich compost or general garden fertilizer.