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Giant Prague Celeriac
Giant Prague Celeriac
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  • Apium graveolins var rapacium. 110 days. Heirloom OP 
  • An elite European strain. 
  • Large solid roots have a subtle nutty flavor. Unique flavor much used in Northern Europe.  
  • Holds in plastic tunneled beds all winter here in the Northwest.
  • Harvest any time the roots reach a diameter of 2 to 4 inches.
  • Fall harvested roots taste better and store longer. Approx 50,000 seeds per ounce.
Planting DirectionsSow seed indoors 10 weeks before last frost date. Celery seed needs light to germinate, so barely cover the seed. Soil temperature for best germination is 70˚ and soil temperature for best growth is 60-70˚. Transplant outdoors when day temperatures are stay above 55˚ and night temperatures are above 40˚. Plant in rich soil that has been amended with a good amount of rich organic matter. Keep weed free and water as needed to keep soil moist but not soggy.