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Ghost Pepper-Bhut Jolokia Hot
Ghost Pepper-Bhut Jolokia Hot
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  • Heirloom. Open Pollinated 160 days
  • Considered the world’s hottest pepper coming in at over 1,000,000 Scoville Units compared to the feisty Habanero at between 200,000-300,000 Scovilles.
  • Ghost Pepper resulted from a naturally occurring cross in Assam region of Northern India.
  • We offer this wildly popular variety with some trepidation as it is fiercely hot. Handle it with care. We recommend growing in a five gallon or larger container.
  • Bhut Jalokia requires soil temperatures between 80 and 90 F for proper germination. Applying bottom heat is the easiest way to achieve this. 

Planting Directions: 100 days to transplant outdoors  35-70 days to germination. Start these seeds in vermiculite or a mixture of perlite and vermiculite. Moisten starter mix, place a single seed in each cell. Do not place in direct light during germination period. Best germination occurs when soil temperature is 70° to 85° during daytime and never below 60° at night. Days to germination vary, continue watching for last seedling for two weeks. Transplant seedling when 3" to 4" . Fill pot with additional starter mix to which 1 tablespoon of bone meal is added to each cup of mix. Promote growth and prevent damp off by watering with a diluted liquid fertilizer. Transplant to a five gallon container or outdoors when plants are at least 6" tall, hardened off and night time temperatures stay above 50°