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Gai Lohn - Chinese Broccoli
Gai Lohn - Chinese Broccoli
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  • Brassica oleracacea alboglabra
  • Heirloom. Open pollinated. 50 days to maturity.
  • Heat resistant with edible stalks, young leaves and buds. 
  • Sow seed of Gai Lohn or Chinese Kale in early or late summer. Easily grown. 
  • When white buds are formed cut stalks 6 to 8" from the top of plant to force new growth. 
  • Cook stalks leaves and buds all together as you would broccoli for a most appetizing vegetable.

Planting DirectionsPlant in spring when soil temperature  is between 45 to 75˚, optimum 72 ˚. Plant in fertile soil enriched with compost or garden fertilizer 2-3 weeks prior to planting. Sow seed 1/4 “ to 1/2” deep.  Thin seedlings to stand 12-16” apart. Water heavy during growing season and do not water after first frost in fall. Sow in September for a fall and winter crop. Light frost improves flavor and sweetness.