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English Daisy
English Daisy
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Bellis perennis  Perennial  6"

English Daisy bear one inch single or double, pink and white flowers. The charming naturalized daisy of lawn and meadow. Blooms in spring. Full sun. This is one of the flowers in our Ecology Lawn Mixes.  Allow some blossom to dry completely to dispurse seed in fall that will start growing in early spring. 

Planting DirectionsSow seed outdoors in cool, well prepared  soil. Germination takes 7-10 days at 70˚. For zones 3-7 plant in spring for early summer bloom after all hard frosts. In zones 8-9 plant out in early spring. Seed will benefit from a light frost. Plant in mid summer to early fall in all areas for bloom the following spring. Over seed existing lawn by scratching the soil surface with a rake or small rototiller, then scatter the seed. Blooms best in cool weather, generally a flush of flowers in spring and fall.  Plant and grown in full sun or light shade.  Feed early in the growing season and water frequently.  Where summers are hot, cut back plants hard after flowering.  In northern zones, mulch seedlings lightly before the first frost in autumn.