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"The Eclectic Eleven" Nichols Organic Mesclun
"The Eclectic Eleven" Nichols Organic Mesclun
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  • Open pollinated.
  • Several customers have requested a flavorful salad blend of organic certified seed. 
  • "The Eclectic Eleven" Nichols Organic Mesclun combines mild and spicy flavors, crunchy and smooth textures.
  •  Includes red and green lettuces, red mustard, mizuna, endive, kale and cress, eleven different varieties in all. 
  • Best during the spring and fall, if growing in summer heat keep well watered and harvest frequently.

Cut and Cut again Harvestint-Our most successful growing  method is to plant short rows, thin as they mature and then harvest tender young leaves from the crown of each plant. The large outer leaves are left intact and act as feeder leaves for the plant.  New growth will appear from the center of the plant. For new crown growth, never pick the most central growing tip. Feed and compost regularly. Replant as the patch ages, every 30 to 60 days. 

Planting Directions:  Sow seeds in well-prepared seed bed in a sunny location.  Sow seeds lightly about 1/2” or so apart. Sprinkle seeds on soil and then smooth seeds into place.  Sprinkle with water until evenly moist.  Keep seedbed lightly moist throughout the growing period.  Seed will sprout in 7-10 days.  Harvesting: Can begin harvesting in 21 days.  Use scissors to cut a few leaves from each plant or thin crowded plants by pulling.  Harvest will extend over several weeks.  Keep soil moist and lightly fertilized for best quality.