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Eryngium foetidum. Biennial. 8".
Katy Stokes, our grower, obtained her original seed of Culantro from a Nicaraguan expatriate. Forms short long leaved rosettes, best in moist partial shade. The robust cilantro like flavor holds when cooked so she uses it for all her canned salsas and chutneys.  Widely used in Central American, Caribbean and South East Asian cuisine.

 Culantro is Asian Coriander also known as Mexican Coriander, Recao, Long Coriander, Perennial Coriander, False Coriander, Ngo gai, Spirit Weed, Fitweed.  It's a tropical plant, treated as an annual in cooler areas.  The robust cilantro-like flavor holds when cooked so use it for canned salsas and chutneys. 

Planting DirectionsPlace seed on top of sterile seed starting mix, keep evenly moist at all times, provide light and maintain soil temperature of 75-80°.  Seed can be slow to germinate, often more than 21 to 30 days. Transplant when plants are large enough to handle, disturbing the root system as little as possible. Can be grown in containers or transplant into garden approximately 6 – 8 weeks after germination occurs. Grows best in moist, shaded positions with good drainage. It can survive in poor soils, but it is best to feed  frequently with high-nitrogen fertilizer to keep the leaves soft. Tender biennial does not tolerate cold.  Cut off the flower stalks frequently to ensure continuing production of  new leaves. Harvest young when plants are 2 to 3 months old.  Leaves can be added to stews, soups, bean dishes  and chutney. Roots and leaves are used in Thai cooking. It holds its flavor better when cooked than coriander.