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Cilantro Santo -Coriander
Cilantro Santo -Coriander
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Coriandrum sativum. Annual. 2'.

Called "Chinese Parsley" and in Mexico known as "Cilantro". In both cases the leaves are used extensively in cookery. Cilantro Santo produces lush vegetative growth and is slow to bolt particularly when direct sown. Grow this variety for its leaves and choice flavor.

Planting DirectionsSow seed indoors 6-8 weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. Plant outdoors after last frost. Soil temperature between 55˚ and 65˚.  Sow seed ½” deep in well drained soil that has been amended with rich compost or a balanced garden fertilizer. Space plants 8 to 10 inches apart. Sow at 2 week intervals for a steady supply of fresh Cilantro. Direct sown Cilantro tends to bolt later than transplanted plants.  Water moderately on a regular schedule. Plant in full sun but can tolerate light shade especially in southern regions.